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Bali Gili

Bali Gili – A Great and Tranquil Tourist Attraction with Fantastic Potential

If you are looking for great tourist attractions to visit either on your own or with your family, then the Bali Gili Islands makes for the perfect destination. Located on the Northern Eastern part of Lombok, Indonesia, the three islands offer some great attractions that will leave you mesmerized and satisfied. If you a lover of nature and sunny beaches, then you will find the Bali Gili Islands to be the most ideal place for you. There are various activities such as bird watching which will definitely make your trip worth it. Other activities include the turtle hatcheries where one can be able to see and take photos of hundreds of young and growing turtles that are held in the holding tanks. Another great attraction nearby is the Lombok forest which is inhabited by different species of monkeys which will definitely make for a good site.

Of the greatest interest when it comes to the Bali Gili Islands is that they are still virgin or unexploited islands having been uninhabited until a few years ago. This makes them great and unpolluted and one will find a visit to these Islands to offer a great time of relaxation. There are neither motorbikes nor vehicles along the streets of Bali Islands and this generally helps in ensuring that there is peace of mind. One will however be able to enjoy the famous night parties which are always characterized by music flowing from different night parties.

Normally, the Bali Gili Islands are composed of 3 main islands namely the Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Each of these islands has its own features that one will find attractive and unique from each other. The Trawangan Island is one of the most frequented Islands among the three islands and it is reputed mostly for its partying lifestyle. The Gili Meno Island is a little bit laid back and has a population of less than 1000 people. however, this should not be used to mean that it has no bubbling life since it offers the best beaches for those people who love swimming and basking under the sun.

Traveling to the Bali Gili Islands

As aforementioned, the three Islands were discovered just a few years ago and only recently have they started to be inhabited. This mean that they are not fully developed as far as infrastructure is concerned. There are no airports in the islands and one will only have to travel using boats and the speed boats are the commonly used modes of transport. One will however need to be very careful when using the fast boats to Gili and all the precautionary measures taken for safety purposes.

It is advisable to avoid using the fast boats in case the weather conditions are hostile or if you have concerns surrounding the state of the vessel that is available. The crew riding the vessel should be considered carefully and one should only board a fast boat that they feel comfortable with. One can however travel by air from Bali to Lombok and then travel using the various boats available to any of the 3 islands. It is always advisable to ensure that you have a life jacket whenever traveling using the fast boats from any of the companies offering their services here. With some of the companies such as BlueWater Express, Gili Cat, and Island Getaway among others offering reliable services, it will be easy to enjoy the many benefits that come with such kind of travel.