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Gili Islands

Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia

Gili Islands are the pride of Lombok Indonesia. They are the most popular tourist destinations in Lombok and highly praised for the outstanding scenery. Gili Islands have three small Islands namely; Trawangan, Meno and Air. These are popularly known as the Gilis due to their closeness to each other and also their popularity. The islands are laid-back and very relaxed, having quite many beach side cafes with a lot of music and excitement coupled with the best energy drinks as well as nice and fully compact sea foods,  such as fresh salads, good quality Asian as well as western food and also seafood buffets. Due to the beauty of the islands and the number of visitors coming to the islands, there has been an influx of western entrepreneurs. The number of these living and operating businesses has increased over the years and still increasing, owning most of the resorts and also the dive companies. The Gili islands are commonly known for having corals and these attract a number of tourists, however due to the damage that has been caused on these corals over the years, there is a strong focus on environmental protection all around the islands. People flood the islands to snorkel, dive and also party.

It is mostly dry and hot at the Gili islands during the day but the nights get cool and enjoyable. They have a long rainy season running from November to April. The tourists are quite much during the months of July to August and also from December to January. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most visited of the three islands, commonly referred to as the party island. And then Gili Meno comes in between the two islands. Gili Air is the closest to Lombok and having a highly developed and advanced local community. Gili islands together become an amazing set of places one will always enjoy.

You may now wonder how one can easily get to Gili islands, but there are many options to get there and one needs not to worry about how to get to the Gilis. You can get to the Gilis by boat or plane but the plane option does not land you at the island itself though you can use it to the nearest airport. The nearest airport is mataram IATA in its northwest outskirts but on the mainland. One can either fly to Bali and take a speed boat to the Gili or even fly to Bali and connect to Mataram which is a bit quicker. Mataram is served by a number of Airports from different countries such Malaysia and others.

Gili islands are best accessed by boats and there are available all kinds of boats from which you can choose which one to use for your own convenience. You can get boats directly from Bali to the Gilis and these also continue to the mainland. They offer daily services to and from the islands in the best time possible depending on whether you chose to take a speed boat or the ordinary boats. Prices for the speed boats differ depending on the operators of these boats due to the difference in the standards of the different vessels used by the different operators, crew certification, operating experience as well as operating standards. Avoid falling in for the opportunists who disguise themselves as helpers and guides but with an intension of getting something from your pockets. Such arrangements as baggage carriage and the like should be avoided never let a stranger get hold of any of your property in order to enjoy your trip without irritations and disappointments.

Gili Islands is the place to be for those who wish to have adventure, enjoying freedom and excitement far away from home. Enjoy the cidomo as you move around the islands as well as the beaches. You will find interesting water sports such as; scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and many more. You will find a number of diving points around the islands which offer different satisfaction so you are given the liberty to choose the best option from the many points available for your enjoyment and pleasure. The dive sites around the Gilis are; Sponge coral, Deep sponge coral, basket coral, Manta point, Sunset, Meno slope, Air wall, Air slope, Boomies, Turtle point, Shark point, Takat malang, Coral fun garden, Biorock and many more. So there are plenty of diving spots as well as other games. The islands are the pride of Indonesia. One can simply conclude or state that the road to paradise is the road heading to the Gilis or the Gili Islands not only because of the water sports that are available but also due to the good climate and the hospitality of the people on these islands making it a place to be or what most people may refer to as a home away from home.