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Enjoy the peaceful life at Gili Air

Gigantic and enormous developments in the society have transformed the world into a global village over the past two decades. People from various parts of the world try to find a refuge from this noisy modern world to a place of peace and natural beauty. The people from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa have one place of common interest, which are the small islands of Indonesia.

The Gili Air is one of the smallest island of Indonesian Gili. Being in close proximity of the mainland Lombok, it has the advantage of receiving more number of visitors that the other two islands of Gili. The best utility of this island is for newly married couples who come here for spending the most romantic days of their lives. Being a very less populated island, it offers more peace and harmony to the incoming visitors that they always feel sad while leaving this place. It is also a quite retreat place with less variety in nightlife so mostly people come here to spend more time in peace and calmness. The Gili Air is a best tourist resort in the Gili as per the survey carried out by Indonesian government. This island offers vast variety of water sports and deep sea diving including swimming classes. Turtles form the backbone of its beauty that can be seen on every beach and every coral reef.

Meno is the smallest island of the Gili. Being the smallest it has to take a lot of care in projecting its image for tourism. However, the governance of this island has done extremely well to deliver. The island is the property of the Government of Indonesia who has sponsored it for receiving discounts and subsidies on buying local and Malaysian products. These things compensate for the betterment of the infrastructure available in the form of tourism development means. Gili Meno with a population of approximately 350 people has the best nightlife in the three of these islands. Being the smallest and secluded island, it has overcome its limitations in way that its weaknesses have become its strengths.

Gili Air is dependent on generators for running of the electricity. The project for installation of electricity is underway but it is not likely to materialize soon as there are no islands that have electricity. Water is the commodity that is transported to this island on daily basis and no one else can help on this issue of Gili Air.

The unique culture of the people is one of the reasons for the peaceful life in these islands. There are several options for night stay at the island. There are cottages as well that are available on pre hand booking. The honeymoon couples get the best deals for these cottages. There are several other hotels with decent rooms and other allied services including air conditioning, TV, mini bar, and other things etc.

There are number of activities that can be performed in the islands. For honeymooners, there are several dance parties and other night activities which are available on payment of very small nature. For small groups, there are Bar BQ lounges available. Only thing you need to do if you are a small group is to buy your own charcoal and get the party started. Snorkeling is the famous sport that is played on the eastern coast of the Gili Air.

You can also get a dip into the water to enjoy the ocean deep fish and other undersea animals. All types of water sports are available for game play at the beaches of this island. Coral reefs are the beautiful sights that can also be seen over and under water alike. All these elements add to the beauty and excitement of your trip. Scuba diving is another famous activity at the Gili Air. You can participate in the scuba diving by paying a very small amount. You get training after wearing the diving suit and train yourself with the fins on your feet. If you are not a swimmer, you must not opt for this game. Although all the activities are planned with extreme safety and security, but there is always a factor of risk if you are not expert in swimming. After you receive necessary instructions for the swimming with the diving suit in shallow waters of swimming pool, you are taken to the open sea in Gili Air on a speedboat. You go in a small group and carryout the diving in the sea with scuba diving equipment. The scuba diving for amateurs is done in form of buddy pairs. In each pair, one partner is the party leader. A string is attached to the party leader, which is connected with the boat to cater for an accident. Gili Air is the place where you can fulfill all your dreams without spending much of amount. The best way to get there is by fast boat.

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